Homdox Sonic Jewelry Cleaner


~ What ~
Measuring 10.6 by 7.1 by 7.1 inches, this electronic device sonically cleans jewelry, glasses, or instruments. Adding up to 20 ounces of tap water, the machine can be set for 90 to 480 seconds as microscopic bubbles clean items quickly. A plastic carrier and watchband holder with an instruction manual are included in the gift box.

~ Why ~Jewelry Cleaner 1
Since I make and wear jewelry, I like when it is clean and sparkly. This product is simple to use by adding a piece of jewelry, coins, tools, etc, to its grated carrier after pouring water up to a specific guideline inside (liquid dish soap could be added), and turning the machine on to do its work. There is plenty of space and room inside for multiple items. In testing two rings and a cross necklace, all pieces of jewelry came out cleaner than before using the system.

~ Why Not ~Jewelry Cleaner 3
Those who prefer jewelers to clean and check their valuables will not be interested in this cleaning mechanism; however, it works for those times one needs to quickly clean something at home. The unit may not get as clean as a professional job of scrubbing and polishing, but it does work.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if a USB cord could be used as a charger additionally.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an electronic jewelry cleaner that makes your favorite items sparkle again, this works well and does what it says it can do.

Thanks to Homdox for this discounted product that I am evaluating by choice.

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2 responses to “Homdox Sonic Jewelry Cleaner

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    I need one of these for sure!

  2. Yup – I sparkle today 🙂

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