Tricked into Sickness

Tricked Into SicknessTitle: Tricked into Sickness
Author:  Lola Hardaway
Publisher: Here’s to Your Health
ISBN # 978-0-989916-0-8

“When we submit ourselves to God, we invoke His divine protection, closing the door to all of satan’s entries into our affairs, and that includes our health,” Lola Hardaway writes in her book, Tricked into Sickness.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-fifty-four-page ebook targets readers looking for relief and healing from sickness via God and His natural herbs, plants, and fruits that He created. Sixteen chapters cover the topic, ending with endnotes and the author’s contact information. Using mainly the King James Version of the Holy Bible, the NKJV and NIV are also referenced.

Written by a vibrant Christian health food practitioner who has operated a health food store for decades, Hardaway pens how satan tricks us from focusing on God, attacking us with illness. Explaining that the devil is powerless but only performs if given permission, she encourages us to claim God’s power of healing. A few of the topics range from the spiritual aspects of having childlike faith, ardently praying, resting in Christ, dealing with pride, and loving others to holistic healing using whole and green foods, MCHA calcium, and CoQ10.

~ Why ~
I loved how much Scripture was quoted throughout the book and especially that it was from the King James Version. With so many concepts about health, sin, and healing, the writer offers a no-nonsense attitude of faith in God and His power. While there was some content of the author’s personal healing experiences of buying a house, accidentally drinking bleach, being paralyzed, and quitting smoking to name a few, it was not overdone, exaggerated, or the main focal point of the book. Also appreciated is that she never capitalizes satan as does not respect the being.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have or want a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will not be interested in this book about calling on God to cure health issues such as depression, stroke, heart attacks, and other health issues.

~ Wish ~
Not being a charismatic Christian, I appreciate the obvious deep love and compassion the writer has for God yet minorly disagree with some of her ideas. I wish the book written in 2014 were rechecked for grammar/punctuation errors so have marked it down a half point.

~ Want ~
If you are seeking a closer walk with God through prayer as you are challenged to speak sickness away, this book that promotes God’s ways are not our ways may help you on your healing journey that includes holistic treatments.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 Stars

Blessings to the author for this purchased book that I am reviewing freely.

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2 responses to “Tricked into Sickness

  1. Jackie McNutt

    Thanks for reviewing this book. I ordered it because it looks very interesting based on your review.
    I also signed up for the newsletter. Thanks again

    • That’s cool, Jackie ~ it was an interesting read & reminded me God is in control, even when we are sick. It did have some stuff I didn’t totally agree with, but her point was clear & true to the Word of God.

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