Esther: Finding Yourself in Times of Trouble

Esther: Finding Yourself in Times of Trouble (Drawn In Bible Study)Title: Esther: Finding Yourself in Times of Trouble
Series: Drawn In Bible Study
Author: Eugene H. Peterson
Publisher: NavPress
ISBN: 978-1-63146-787-5

~ What ~
Part of the Drawn In Bible Study series, this 112-page hardbound targets those who like a creative way to study the book of Esther in the Holy Bible. The story is divided into four sections that are twenty pages each and include black and white illustrations to color, questions, commentary, and author’s notes. The Message of the Holy Bible is quoted, and it ends with notes per chapter on how to lead a Bible study and advertisements.

The story of Esther is told within four chapters that explain her relationships with pagan King Xerxes, cousin Mordecai, evil Haman, and God. With drawings to color, questions with areas to write in answers, and a few highlighted author’s notes, the reader can spend time focusing on how this iconic woman saved many Jews from genocide through her faith in the Almighty.

~ Why ~
Many readers find a deep connection to God by reading His Word and doodling as they concentrate on what is being taught. With Esther being one of my favorite Bible characters, I enjoyed reading her story again and how she trusted God through her trials and tribulations. Including over twenty drawings that include scenes or wording, the story flows between the pages with a total of sixty-five questions spread throughout, ending with comments and prayers.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have a personal relationship may not be interested in this type of coloring Bible study book. Others may not care for coloring or doodling. The book does not lay flat so may be hard to color, and some pictures are on both sides of the paper, so felt tip pens may bleed through the pages.

~ Wish ~
Being a fan of the King James Version of the Bible, I do not care for The Message. I wish the illustrations were only on one side of the page so they could be removed and framed.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a Biblical devotion on Esther with coloring pages for someone creative, this will make an excellent choice.

Thanks to Tyndale Blog for this complimentary book that I am freely reviewing.

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2 responses to “Esther: Finding Yourself in Times of Trouble

  1. conniepsaunders

    Esther is one of my favorite Biblical characters also!

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