Best Choice Adirondack Chair


~ What ~
Made of weather-treated wood painted bright vermillion green, this Adirondack chair can hold up to 330 pounds and folds up for storage. With a cup holder on its right side arm rest, the wood slats are on the seat and back; the chair measures 27.75 inches long, 31.75 inches wide, 35.6 inches high, and weighs 20 pounds. Diagram instructions are in the box, and assembly is required using a Phillips head screwdriver.

~ Why ~
One of my favorite types of outdoor chairs is the classic Adirondack as I find them comfortable and adaptable. I like that this one folds up easily. It took approximately 90 minutes to assemble. With it foldable, the chair can be stored during the winter or taken on trips to the beach, lake, or cabin. Another nice feature is the bright deep green that matches my other patio furniture.Adirondack 1A

~ Why Not ~
Some may think the product is too low to sit on as it is only 13 inches at the front and 9 inches at the back from the ground. However, this is typical of many Adirondack chairs. Others may not like the having 71 screws to set or the green color.

~ Wish ~Adirondack 1B
It would be rated higher if some of the sections were already assembled as it was tedious to put together. I wish it came in different colors, but I could always spray paint it a different hue if I wanted.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a collapsible Adirondack green chair for the beach or patio, this is an excellent choice. Use those hand muscles and take your time putting it together so you can enjoy it more.

Rating: 4.5 of 5 StarsAdirondack 2

Thanks to Best Choice Products for this sample that I am evaluating by choice.

This product can be found at

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