3DIY Printing Pen


~ What ~
This printing pen set is for drawing in 3 dimensions Recommended for ages 8 and older, the kit has a lightweight purple writing pen, 5 ABS filaments, an extra nozzle, AC/DC adapter, and screwdriver in a gift box. Instructions are included.

~ Why ~3D Pen 2
The new craze is 3D writing pens, and this one is easy to use for young and old. Having a degree in art, I was fascinated using the pen to try. By threading the filament in the back end of the pen, setting the temperature, and clicking the forward button, the 3D ink comes out in a line, ready for designing. I like that it has everything in the box so can be used immediately. Black, white, green, red, and blue colors came in my set.

~ Why Not ~
Those who are not artistic may be afraid to use this product, but it is creative and fun. Others may wish there was more than 16 feet total of filament to use. Some may find it hard initially to regulate the flow, consistency, and steadiness of the line. Due to the pen’s tip being extremely hot to the touch, children using it should be supervised by an adult.

~ Wish ~
Although I appreciate having the 5 colors in the package, I wish more colors were added.

~ Want ~
If you want to draw in 3D, this is a fun and exciting set to be creative.

Thanks to 3DIY for this discounted product that I am evaluating by choice.

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