In Case There is No Doctor

No Doc 1Title: In Case There is No Doctor
Author:  Avshalom Mor

In Case There is No Doctor covers everything that will help keep you safe on your travels,” the back jacket states in this book by Avshalom Mor.

~ What ~
This four-by-six-by-half-inch one-hundred-ninety-two-page book with a spiral backing targets readers looking for a compact resource guide to carry with them when traveling in case of an emergency situation. With more than sixty examples, topics range from handling properly extreme environments, animals and insect, Illness and diseases, mental issues, drug safety, evacuation, and travelers’ medical advice.

~ Why ~
When a physical or mental crisis happens when there is no medical treatment available, often we have to step in for survival. I like how condensed and to the point this small book is that is packed with black and white illustrations and diagrams with bullet-point explicit directions.

~ Why Not ~No Doc 2
Those who rarely venture into the less-inhabited area, do not travel, or already have a survival/emergency medical background may not need this book.

~ Who ~
An off-the-beaten-path traveler, Mor has been a paramedic and is currently a medical insurance case manager in Israel.

~ Wish ~
I wish colored tabs were located on the book’s outside edge to quickly find a topic during an emergency. I noticed several spelling and punctuation errors.

~ Want ~
If you are searching for a go-to medical book to keep in your pocket or backpack when traveling or in the outdoors, this may be a good choice.

Thanks to Blue White for this discounted book that I am reviewing freely.

GRAMMARLY was used to check for errors in this review.



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