Best Choice Deluxe Bird Feeder Stand


~ What ~
Made of steel with a rust-resistant black coating, this deluxe bird feeder stand measures 91 inches tall and 21.25 inches at its widest point. It has a total of three hooks for hanging feeders, one bath ridged feeder, and one mesh platter as well as a 9-inch h-bracket for inserting into the ground. Instructions are in the box, and minor assembly is required.

~ Why ~
I love feeding the birds in our yard, especially the small chickadees that nest in it too. I like that this tall pole has so many different levels to hang bird seed or food where you want. Another plus is how easy it is to set up (took a few minutes with no needed tools, only adjustable wing screws and pop-up knobs) and place in the yard. There is a spike on the thick pole end that helps insert it into the ground.

~ Why Not ~Bird Pole 2
Some may think the product is too tall, but it only is 81 inches above the ground, making it hard for animals to climb and steal the food. Others may not like the color.

~ Wish ~
I wish it came in different colors, but I could always spray paint it a different hue if I wanted.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a deluxe, tall bird feeder stand, look no further and keep feeding the birds.

Thanks to Best Choice Products for this sample that I am freely evaluating.

This product can be found at Pole 3

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