Yosai Amazon Alexa Echo Stand


~ What ~
Made of clear and black acrylic, this fully assembled stand houses and protects Amazon’s Echo. Measuring 6 inches tall by 4.8 inches in circumference, it can be placed anywhere and have the online unit slide into it. The 4 clear thin dowels keep Alexa safe from pets, kids, or if something is knocked into it. Instructions and an ebook link on tips using an Echo are included.

~ Why ~
Having an Echo in our home, we keep it on a side table in our family room. Occasionally our beagle can jump and put his paws on the table’s top and move things around. With this holder, the Echo cannot slide or move out of place. I also like its clean lines.

~ Why Not ~Alexa 1
Those who do not own an Amazon Echo will not need this product. Others may not like the 4 black O rings that support the clear dowels as they may not match their room’s décor. I had to unplug the Echo to slide it into the stand and awkwardly reconnect it, but there were no issues resyncing Alexa.

~ Wish ~
With the product being modern and minimalistic in design, it would be thoughtful if it was in other colors to match the new series Amazon has started selling. It would help if the bottom plate would unscrew so one would not have to unplug their Echo.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to shield and protect Alexa from our world, she will appreciate being decorated by this durable item.

Thanks to Yosai for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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