Spoken from the Heart: Walking in Freedom

Spoken from the Heart: Walking in FreedomTitle: Spoken from the Heart: Walking in Freedom
Author:  Cheri Swalwell
Publisher: Spoken by the Heart
ISBN # 9781544762579

“For me, it means realizing true freedom is living by God’s rules, the rules He put into place to bring me life, not to punish me or deny me fun,” Cheri Swalwell writes in the introduction of her book, Spoken from the Heart: Walking in Freedom.

~ What ~
This eighty-two-page book targets readers looking for a quick Christian women’s devotional that can be read daily over a thirty-two day period. Referencing the New International Version of the Holy Bible, it also uses The Message. With a dedication, list of other authored books, written out Bible verse, and note from the author at the beginning, its ending has a thank you, acknowledgments, contact information, and her biography.

With more than a month of short three- to four-page devotions, the book examines the author’s journey from fear to faith in freedom. Beginning with written out Bible verses or quotes from a well-known writer or singer, the chapters cover conviction versus condemnation, communion, healing and non-healing, wrestling with God, everything is God’s, fearing Him, His unconditional love, and walking in freedom to name a few.

~ Why ~
Everyone has different experiences when they have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and Swalwell shares her struggles, fears, and frustration as she learns to lean on, trust, and obey the Savior more. I like how she discussed Satan condemning while God convicts, learning to make time for the Sabbath, and understanding offering blessings to others. She divulges how she overcame her fear of driving in the snow, eating addictions, trust issues, and false guilt as she learns to pray more often, realize she is loved no matter what, and find freedom.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have or want a personal relationship with Jesus Christ will not be interested in this book. Some may not like devotions that mainly include an author’s experiences, fears, and reflections. Others may wish more Bible verses or Biblical examples were added.

~ Who ~
An ardent Christ follower, Swalwell is a wife, mother, and writer who lives in the Midwest with her husband and family. She has written over a dozen books with many in this series as well as been a contributor for another devotional.

~ Wish ~
Being one who prefers devotionals that have little of the author’s personal information, I found this one is a woman’s journal of how she deepened her relationship with Christ. Although others may like this type of devotion, those I read that have a lot of personal content are given 4 stars out of 5 because I try to only focus on Jesus when adding to my daily Bible reading.

~ Want ~
Similar to most devotionals, this book reflects the thoughts and personal feelings of a Christian who desires to be closer to Christ. Although it mainly contains the author’s experiences, readers may find it a helpful to daily reading the Word of God.

Thanks to the author for this complimentary book that I am reviewing freely.

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