The Hurry-Up Exit from Egypt

The Hurry-Up Exit from Egypt (A Faith that God Built Book)Title: The Hurry-Up Exit from Egypt
Author: Gary Bower
Illustrator: Barbara Chotiner
Publisher: Tyndale Kids
ISBN: 978-1-4964-1745-9

“This is the Book that tells of the day God stopped their pursuers and swept them away,” Gary Bower writes in his children’s book, The Hurry-Up Exit from Egypt.

~ What ~
Part of a Faith of God Built series, this numbered thirty-two-page oversized hardbound targets children four to seven years old, especially those who like the story of Moses separating the Red Sea from the Old Testament of the Holy Bible. With a couple of frightening scowls and sad faces, the book has colorful pictures that are simply illustrated on every page.

In this short repetitive tale that mimics the format of the classic, The House that Jack Built, the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of Egypt to cross the Red Sea is explained in rhyme. Creating partial phrases upon phrases, it begins with the Jews frantically getting ready to flee Egypt. When they leave, Pharoh’s forces follow, and Moses raises his rod and divides the sea, opening a dry pathway for them to cross safely. Pharoh’s chariots, horses, and riders are washed away as the Bible says. The ending has the Bible chapter references and a verse written out.

~ Why ~
This is an engaging story told in rhyme that helps children remember how Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea. I like how the phrases are added one at a time and repeated so that a young one can learn and restate the rhyming story.

~ Why Not ~
Since the book has so much repetition in rhyme, older children may tire of it. Some may consider the drawings to be too simplistic, but they agree with the young age group targeted.

~ Who ~
No information is provided about the author or illustrator.

~ Wish ~
Due to some complicated three- and four-syllable words, the book may be hard for beginner readers.

~ Want ~
If your child likes sing-songy, rhyming stories about Moses helping the Jews exit Egypt, this may be a good choice.

Thanks to the Tyndale Blog for this book that I am evaluating freely.

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