Unlimited Camp Double Hammock


~ What ~
Made of 100% nylon with 3 double-sewn seams, this wide hammock for two people can handle weight up to 441 pounds. Coming in a matching drawstring bag, the hammock is available in blue, green, orange, and red, measuring 9.4 feet long and 6.5 feet wide. Weighing only 2.2 pounds, the product comes with 2 blow up air pillows, 2 carabiners, 2 ropes, 2 tree straps, and a pocket/storage bag. Instructions are included, and no assembly is required except to hang the product.

~ Why ~Blue Hammock 2
With this hammock being built for two, there is ample room for rest because it is wide. Another nice feature is the quality of the fabric as it feels durable and should hold up to mold, mildew, and repeated use. Having the 2 matching pillows, the attached hooks, tree straps, and sewn on storage bag are a plus.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like the design of hammock as 2 people may feel squished together when laying on it side by side. Others may feel the approximately 10 by 12 by 2-inch pillows take time to blow up and slid around on the hammock when using.

~ Wish ~
I wish the pillows were not the blow-up type. I prefer hammocks with sturdy cross bars, so two people do not automatically fall into each other.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a wide hammock that comes with added accessories, this works well for one person to stretch out.

Thanks to Unlimited Camp for this discounted sample that I am freely evaluating.

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