Meco Mushroom Nightlight

Nightlight 2Cute Mushroom Shaped Lamp

~ What ~
Made of ABS and silicone, this small portable lamp is mushroom shaped and able to change colors when tapped or touched. Measuring 4.7 inches round and 3.9 inches tall, it varies from 7 colors by tapping its round top. Coming with a short 8-inch USB cord for charging, it can also use 3 AA batteries that are not added. Instructions are included in a gift box, ready for giving.

~ Why ~Nightlight 1
When our 3-year-old granddaughter visits, she likes to have a nightlight on in her room. I like the soft ambiance and colors this light provides by tapping its top it changes colors automatically. Because it does not use electrical plug-in, it can be placed anywhere, including in a tent, camping, or playing inside. Another nice feature is that the top is silicone, so pliable to the touch.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like small soft colored lighting will not appreciate this product. Others may wish it included an electrical cord that could be plugged into a wall socket. I found the USB cord too short to use, so I had to use the battery option.

~ Wish ~
I wish the lamp had an electrical adaptor included as well as a longer USB cable.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a nightlight that is a little bigger than the plug-in wall socket type or one that is battery operated and can be taken anywhere, this would be a good choice.

Thanks to Meco for this product that I am freely evaluating.

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