Breezee Microfiber Towel Set

Towel 1~ What ~
This complete set includes a large towel with a matching washcloth, travel bag, and 3-digit lock. The blue bath-size towel measures 32 by 55 inches and has a zippered pouch in one corner for small items. The small towel is 16 by 32 inches. The added gray travel bag is made of nylon with a mesh area and has a zipper and handle. A small combination lock is also included.

~ Why ~
My husband is a gym rat who sweats a lot when he works out. I like how the 2 towels are the same color. Having the small zippered pouch in the corner is a smart way to carry keys and identification. The towels seem to absorb his sweat without retaining the smell after being machine washed and aired dried. Another nice feature is the towels have hanging loops. Including the carry bag and lock are pluses.

~ Why Not ~Towel 2
Those who do not go to the gym may not need this type of product, but it could be used at the beach, poolside, or camping. Others may wish it was in a different color.

~ Wish ~
I wish both the bag and towel came in other color options. It would be helpful to include cleaning instructions as I am unsure it can be put in the dryer.

~ Want ~
If you are looking a gift for someone who goes to the gym, this is a perfect solution that will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks to Breezee for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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2 responses to “Breezee Microfiber Towel Set

  1. I got mine but how do you use the lock? Mine was set on 555. Do you just choose a combination and remember it?

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