GetLifeBasics Watermelon Slicer Server


~ What ~
Made of stainless steel with a plastic handle, this approximately 9 by 1 by 1-inch watermelon slicer server comes with a 2-in-1 melon baller on one endly and a carving knife on the other as well as a downloadable e-book of 15 watermelon recipes. With both utensils being dishwasher safe, they come in a gift box ready for giving.

~ Why ~
I do not like cutting watermelon, melon, cantaloupe, or honeydew as it is messy with the juices dripping all over my hands. With this slicer server that has a wire guard, you cut the 1-inch pieces evenly without your hand touching the fruit. I like how the baller makes 1-inch rounds, and the carving knife is serrated with a sharp point.

~ Why Not ~Watermelon 2
Those who do not cut fruit up for salads or whatever may not need this handy tool. Others may think the material may be flimsy, but it feels durable and firm when using.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if the handle were solid, but then it may interfere with the slicing.

~ Want ~
If you want a soft fruit cutter that makes uniform slices, this is a would work and includes the bonus baller/carving knife.

Thanks to GetLifeBasics for this discounted product that I am evaluating freely.

This product can be found at

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