Seat Saver Car Seat Cover


Car Seat Cover 1~ What ~
Made of two layers with the underside being waterproof PVC and the top cover Polyester, this universal car seat/headrest cover is for those who sweat, work out, get muddy, dirty, or sandy, and want to protect their vehicle’s complete seat. Available in five colors of black, blue, red, gray, and beige, it will fit most cars that include a headrest. Coming with instructions, it slips over the seat’s headrest. It is hand washable and should be air dried.

~ Why ~
I do not like when my husband has been exercising and gets in his car when there is no protection on his car’s seat. I like that this cover is easy to slip over the driver’s seat and remove and wash quickly. The fabric is breathable while the underside feels waterproof. It works great for those with pets who let them ride in the front seat of their cars.

~ Why Not ~
This product is more of an oblong waterproof sheet with a hooded area that slips over headrest and covers the entire seat when protection is needed. Some may not like having to put a cover on their car seats, thinking a folded towel will suffice, but this one covers the headrest and back and is waterproof so will protect the seat. Since there are no elastic bands or straps to secure it to the seat, it may slip and move around.Car Seat Cover 2

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if the product had Velcro tabs or elastic straps to secure it more tightly to the seat.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a universal car seat protection cover for when you are dirty, sweaty, or wet, this could be used quickly without taking to much time to put on and take off.

Thanks to Seat Saver for a discounted product that I am freely reviewing.

This product can be found at


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