Best Choice Products Storable Wagon


Folding Cart 1~ What ~
Made of white painted steel with a heavy-duty royal blue polyester fabric, this foldable cart can hold up to 150 pounds of weight. Measuring 36 by 21 by 25.8 inches when open, it collapses to 21 by 7 by 30 inches. With four durable 8 by 3-inch wheels, it has a storage area that is 30 by 17.5 by 10.75 inches. Two small mesh cup holders are on the outside of the storage bin. It does not need assembling except to expand or collapse and comes with instructions.

~ Why ~
I love how this collapsible bin can be expanded and rolled on the sidewalk, grass, dirt, or sand with its pull handle while carting items around our yard. Other nice features are the ergonomic handle that is adjustable in length and the storage bag that can be removed (the wagon can still hold large, bulky items on its strong frame). With the wheels being made of a hard plastic, they will not go flat like other cart’s tires.

~ Why Not ~Folding Cart 2
Some may not like the storage area is made out of fabric so may wear, get dirty, or become moldy over time, but it can be removed. Others may not like that the wagon is bulky, but its best feature is it can be folded and stored during the winter months when not in use.

~ Wish ~
Although the empty, collapsed cart can be rolled easily when transporting, its wheels line up in a row, making it hard to stand upright on its own. Having a bracket or brake may allow it to stand stationary without rolling.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a collapsible cart on wheels that can carry up to 150 pounds, this is ideal for the yard, outdoor party, camping, tailgating, or when heavy items need to be moved.
Folding Cart 3
Thanks to Best Choice for this product that I am freely evaluating.

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