Dr. Maya Shower Seat

~ What ~Bath Chair 1
Made of sturdy off-white plastic with four aluminum legs that have anti-slip rubber feet, this shower chair can be adjusted from 13.77 to 19.68 inches tall and has a seat that is 10.62 by 17.32 inches. Weighing only 4.7 pounds, it can hold up to 300 pounds of weight. It comes with a 12-inch long shower handle that can be secured to a wall or cabinet. Minor assembly is required, and instructions are included in a gift box.

~ Why ~
Since I volunteer weekly at an independent living facility, I notice how many tenants slip and often fall, especially when in the shower. With this chair, one can sit in the shower and not fall. I like how it is a little taller than others on the market with its 7 height settings, yet it has small leg diameters so can fit tighter spaces. Another nice feature is the handles and holes in the seat that help drain water and the seat surface that is not slippery. Adding the wall shower handle is a plus. It took me under 5 minutes to assemble by screwing in 5 bolts with washers.

~ Why Not ~Bath Chair 2
Some may not like putting a chair in a shower or tub, but it may help avoid an accident when bathing, especially for those who are rehabilitating or do not have good balance. Others may not like having to assemble it.

~ Wish ~
I wish somehow the chair could fold flat for storage.

~ Want ~
If you are looking a durable, sturdy, and adjustable shower seat, this is an excellent choice.

Thanks to Dr. Maya for this sample that I am freely evaluating.


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