Patokids Baby Teething Toys


~ What ~
Made of food grade silicone, this package includes 4 fruit-shaped teething rings plus a free strap and small rattle with 3 mini silicone teethers. All items are washable, BPA free, and FDA approved and can be put in the freezer to help infants deal with teething. The size of each of the bananas, grapes, watermelon, and pineapple are approximately 3 by 3 inches and have a loop that can be added to the enclosed clip-on to clothing strap and ring holder. The strap measures 10-inches long by 1-inch wide and is made of durable ribbon with a metal clasp with a guard on one end. The rattle is also 3 inches long, easy for a baby to hold with the smaller-shaped teether sizes. They are recommended for newborns to one year of age.

~ Why ~
With a grandson that is 4 months old, he is starting to teethe and gum anything he can get in his mouth. I like how these colorful toys have no sharp edges and are soft yet sturdy enough to gum or chew without breaking apart. A nice feature is that they are softer and smaller than other teethers so the child can hold, play, and use them more easily. The smaller-sized teethers on the rattle are convenient, providing different textures for the teething baby. The added sound of the small rattle helps to keep the baby entertained.

~ Why Not ~teether-2
Those who do not like giving a child something to teethe on will avoid this product, but when put in the freezer, they can soothe and calm one who is teething. Uncoordinated babies may initially be a little too happy with the rattle and hit their heads with it on their first few attempts playing, but they will quickly learn and enjoy.

~ Wish ~
Overall, this is an ideal product, and there are no suggestions to improve it except maybe also to do a set of animals instead of fruits.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a cute add-on to a baby shower gift or have a baby who is teething, this is an excellent choice.

Thanks to Patokids for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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