We Love Animals Pet Car Seat Cover

Durable Dog Car Seat Liner Plus Fleece Blanket

we-love-animals-1~ What ~
Made of three layers of waterproofing material and non-slip rubber backing, this cover is to be used in the back seat of a car bench to protect the seat’s fabric from pet hair, claws, and dirt. Measuring 58 by 54 inches, the cover has 4 adjustable buckle straps that slip around the front and back seats’ headrests, two holes for seat belts, and two while holders for securing it to the underside of the chair. It is machine or hand washable. Also included are an approximately 54 by 18-inch fleece dog blanket, carry bag, and downloadable pdf for dog lovers.

~ Why ~
When we take our beagle on a trip, we put him in the backseat of our four-door sedan with a pet car seat cover. The problem with it is that the straps and buckles broke off, but this one has double reinforced stitching and triangular support patch where the straps are sewn onto the fabric. I like that there are side flaps to protect the bench seat as the dog gets into the vehicle. A plus is it is machine washable (unlike our other one). It is well fitted with the adjustable straps, rubberized non-slip mesh bottom and 6 Velcro tabs that hold the enclosed fleece blanket in place. I had no trouble refolding the cover and blanket and inserting it in the enclosed zippered carry bag with the transparent window.

~ Why Not ~we-love-animals-2
Some may not like the bottom of the cover as it feels like it is made of a rubber mesh that may harm the seat cover, but it did not damage my leather seats. Others may not like having to strap it around the headrests as it does take a few minutes to put into the vehicle.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if it were available in other colors to match the interior of vehicles. I wish the product covered the door and handle areas too as that is where our dog scratches when trying to look out the windows.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a reliable and well-designed car seat cover for your pet, this is an excellent choice as it may last longer than others due to the reinforced patches on the straps. Including the blanket, carry bag, and PDF makes it the top pick. (Sorry, the photo of our dog laying down on the cover and blanket is dark).

Thanks to We Love Animals for this reimburse product that I am freely evaluating.

This product can be found at https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01DL6Z0AE/

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