We Love Animals Dog Harness Set

dog-harness-1Great Walking Harness

~ What ~
Made of a durable nylon, this complete set in 4 size options includes padded dog harness, seat belt strap, and leash. The small black padded harness is about 12-inch wide, fitting 21.2 to 25.2 inches in a dog’s girth with a D-ring, side buckle, and adjustable strap. Approximately 5-feet long and 1-inch wide, the matching black leash has a spinning metal clasp so it should not tangle. The black seat belt strap expands from about 20 to 42 inches and is also 1-inch wide. All pieces are hand washable and come in a nicely packaged gift box.

~ Why ~
We have a 17-pound five-month-old Beagle that we walk at least three miles a day. Having a prior beagle that had neck issues, we protect this canine’s neck ardently by using harnesses along with collars. I like that this three-in-one set is all the same color and made from the same strong material so should last a long time. The padded harness can be hooked to the leash on the back of the dog, instead of the usual front of neck area like other harnesses that get in the dog’s way walking. The padding on the back protects the dog further and is soft on the underside. An extra strap is on top of the harness to grasp if necessary. Our puppy had no problem walking when wearing the harness. The leash is long yet strong, and the seat belt strap is adaptable for any vehicle with its rectangular metal loop.dog-harness-2

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like putting harnesses on their dog as some can be a hassle. I like that this one only has one buckle to click and there is a red locking button to press when releasing. Others may prefer long leashes that have retractable cords so their dog can have more leeway when walking.

~ Wish ~
I wish the average weights (not girths) were listed to make it easier to choose the appropriate size. Having it available in other colors would be ideal. Surprisingly, the Small was the perfect size for now for our puppy who will grow to over 30 pounds and may need the next size up.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an extremely sturdy and well-built padded dog harness, this is a fantastic, complete set that offers a matching long leash and seat strap.

I was reimbursed by We Love Animals for this purchase and am evaluating it freely.

This product can be found at https://www.amazon.com/Padded-Dog-Harness-Set-Comfortable/dp/B01N68YKQ8/

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