Dbox Exercise Resistance Bands


resistance~ What ~
Arriving in four colors of green, blue, red, and black, these 9.85 by 2-inch latex bands are for exercising and flexing different muscle groups on the body. Ranging from the resistance of 10 to 40 pounds, they can be stretched without losing their shape. The packet also includes an approximately 6 by 4-inch drawstring carry bag. No instructions or paperwork is included.

~ Why ~
Having torn my rotator cuff and bicep muscles four months ago, I have going to physical therapy. The bands allow me increased weight levels and different options of stretching and working my damaged muscles. With their bright colors, they stand out and are easy to remember to gather up when leaving the gym. I like that each band states the Light, Medium, Heavy, and X-Heavy on them, but you can tell by the ban’s thickness which offers more resistance. The black mesh bag with a toggle is somewhat see-through and fits the bands nicely.

~ Why Not ~
Some may think these are hard to stretch as 10 to 40 pounds are a lot of weight. Others may not like the concept of exercising or stretching with bands.

~ Wish ~
It would be nice if the online Quick Workout Guide were included in the bag for reference.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a pack of four quality exercise resistance bands at different weight levels, this is a nice addition.

Thanks to DBox for this discounted product that I am freely evaluating.

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