God’s Easter Miracles

God's Easter Miracles: Adventures Of The Sea KidsTitle: God’s Easter Miracle
Author: Lee Ann Mancini
Illustrator: Don Sharp
Publisher: GLM Publishing
ISBN: 978-0997332513

“Truly, God has blessed us with many Easter miracles! Lenny was healed, Jimmy asked Jesus into his heart, and Paul learned that getting gifts is great, but giving to others is greater,” the teacher tells her sea students in Lee Ann Mancini’s children’s book, God’s Easter Miracle.

~ What ~
Part of the Adventures of the Sea Kids series, this unnumbered thirty-two-page oversized hardbound targets children ages two to eight-years-old who like stories about fish friends, Jesus, and Easter. With no extremely scary or violent scenes, it would best be read out loud to beginner readers due to some complicated wording.

In this under-the-sea tale that begins during the school’s Easter egg hunt, young Paul has autism and wants to find one of three Easter eggs that have a cross printed on the outside so that he can win a prize in the classroom’s treasure box. When Jimmy finds two eggs with crosses, Paul gets upset that Jimmy will not share with him. Jimmy prays and asks Jesus to come into his heart and gives Paul the special egg, who wins a gift to give to Lenny, who is sick but gets well. Throughout the story, it is mentioned that Jesus gave up His life for us and how we should think about others.

~ Why ~
This book is a pleasant reminder to young ones that it is better to give than receive, to be kind to those who have a disability or are ill, and to consider “asking Jesus into your heart” although this is not all there is to enter eternity in Heaven. I like the brightly colored designs that pop out of the pages with expressions and focus as well has the hidden ichthus to find.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like books about Jesus and Easter may pass on this book. Some may not like books that are fictitious about sea creatures who go to church and school and discuss God. A few beginner readers may struggle with the two- and three-syllable words.

~ Who ~
Author Mancini is an adjunct professor in Florida as well as a wife and mother of two who devotes her life to Christ. Illustrator Sharp has over thirty years’ experience illustrating children’s books and lives in Michigan.

~ Wish ~
While the book does discuss asking God into one’s heart and that Jesus died on the cross for us, it does not explain sin or the forgiveness of it. I wish there were consistency in capitalizing pronouns of God and Jesus.

~ Want~
If you are looking for a book about Easter, Jesus giving His life for us, and how to give to others including one with a disability, this may be a good start to understanding it from a child’s perspective.

Rating: 4.5  of 5 stars

Thanks to Book Crash and the author for the complimentary book that I am reviewing freely.

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