The Coming Apostasy

Title: The Coming Apostasy
Authors: Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4964-1407-6

“Today we are witnessing the relentless sabotage of Christianity and the church from within,” Mark Hitchcock and Jeff Kinley state in the introduction their book, The Coming Apostasy: Exposing the Sabotage of Christianity from Within.

~ What ~
This two hundred-and-forty-four-page paperback targets the apostasy of the Christian church by understanding how it happens, how to guard against becoming a part of it, and staying on course until Christ’s return. Using mainly the New American Standard Bible, other versions referenced are the NLT, ESV, NIV, and The Message. After an introduction, there are ten chapters, ending with notes and the authors’ biographies.

In this quick read, the writers explain how the falling away from the faith mentioned in II Thessalonians 2 is the apostasy of today’s Christian church. With quotes from several pastors and theologians as well as referring to Biblical passages and characters, the book reiterates that we could be in the end times based on the wayward status of the church by loving the world, paying superficial attention to God, rebelling and defiant toward Him, compromising, and preferring to please others. The ten chapters express how our spiritual values, morals, and views of Jesus have been hijacked, especially in the pew.

~ Why ~
We live in a time when the Christian church is morphing into lethargy, apathy, impurity, and spiritual slumber, which may be a strong indicator that the end times are almost here. I appreciated the honest evaluation of many churches today which are tolerant of unbiblical issues while slowly compromising true faith and doctrine. With each chapter correlating to everyday happenings such as ghost ships, the Fifth Column, Jenga, and a Hipster, Equality, or Patriotic Jesus, it urges us to go back to the Real One as we look for the Second Coming.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ may find this book to be another “conspiracy” venue that propagates a belief in God. Others may find it does not go into depth involving the Tribulation timeline, but it is more of a synopsis of many churches in American society today and their focus.

~ Who ~
The senior pastor and associate professor, Hitchcock has written several books. A best-selling author, Kinley has published twenty-five books and frequently speaks nationwide.

~ Wish ~
While I totally agree with the two authors’ perspective of the modern church falling away, I was disappointed that the Rapture was rarely mentioned. With the coming apostasy, one would think the Rapture would interplay with a pre-, mid-, or post-Tribulation stance, especially if the church has wandered so far away from the Truth. One may ask that if the Rapture happened this minute, how many churches will still function and carry on without a glitch.

~ Want ~
If you, like me, realize many of today’s churches are falling away from sound Biblical doctrine, this book will solidify your concerns and help you stay on track with a deeper relationship with God.

Rated 4.5 of 5 stars.

Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. for this book that I am reviewing freely.

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6 responses to “The Coming Apostasy

  1. Jackie McNutt

    A very interesting review Conny,. Thank You

  2. Uh oh! Sounds okay but the KJV only Brigade might be up in arms!! Especially daring to quote verses from The Message, no less. It’s one thing to read The Message in your quiet time, or in private Bible Study but there has been a proliferation of Pastors who quote TM in Church, in sermons. This might seem over the top but when you realise the Author of TM recommends The Shack…. !!! The dumbing down of JESUS and the dumbing down of Holy Scripture is all part of ‘the falling away.’ Thank you for the review 🙂

    • I totally agree with you about The Message. I try to always add the Bible versions used in the books I review as sometimes that makes or breaks reading a book (I am a KJVer). It is sad so many do not know the many flaws & errors in the “newer” version. Thx for your post.

      • Hey Conny! Sorry for the rant earlier! Glad I got that out of my system. The over use of TM is rife over here in the UK. If ministers are going to use it as part of their sermons they should at least be honest and say it’s a paraphrase. I do have a copy but I bought it before I began to understand it’s all part of the enemy’s plan to begin to demolish the LORDSHIP of JESUS.I struggle with processing info and find the KJV difficult but I LOVE the NKJV. Anyway, if we ask the Holy Spirit to lead us into all Truth – He does! God bless you 🙂

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