Sara Mor Hair Straightening Brush


hair-straightener-brush~ What ~
Made of black engineered plastic with gold accents and ceramic heating technology, this electrical hair straightening brush can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit in less than 90 seconds. Weighing over a pound, it can be swept through long hair, flattening and straightening it. Included in the box are the brush, 2 hair clips, a cleaning brush, and instructions.

~ Why ~
One of our daughters-in-law has long beautiful red hair that she often keeps straight. This brush will help her do her hair quicker than using a standard brush plus a flatiron. I like that there is a rotating cord in the handle, so it does not tangle when combing the hair and that it shuts off automatically after an hour. Another nice feature is the different height of the red-tipped bristles, so all the hair gets brushed.

~ Why Not ~hair-straightener-light
Some may be concerned that because this brush can heat up to high temperatures, it may burn or damage the hair; however, it releases ions and anions while heated that help hair shine. Others may not like how heavy the appliance is. A negative review mentioned the temperature light cannot be seen, but I had no problem reading the number (see photo). My brush arrived clean and had no missing red tips.

~ Wish ~
I wish the cool-down time of the brush were a little faster as it does stay warm a long time. I wonder if a comb feature on the back side would additionally help flatten hair.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to save time when straightening your hair, this is a perfect solution even if it is on the heavy side for some individuals.

Thanks to Sara Mor for this discounted product that I am evaluating freely.

This product can be found at

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