New Generation Unicorn Velvet Posters


unicorn-1~ What ~
Designed with cutting edge technology, this set of two velvet fabric added posters has unicorns on them that can be colored and then viewed on a downloadable app that shows the animals come to life on a smartphone screen. Measuring 11 by 15 inches each, one depicts a galloping unicorn, castle, and rainbow while the other one has the head/bust of the unicorn encircled by arches, diamonds, stars, and clouds. Also included in the package are a pack of 8 washable markers, IOS and Android QR codes, and simple instructions.

~ Why ~
Those who love unicorns and coloring them will enjoy these two posters, but they will have more fun taking a picture of their finished creations and uploading them to a smartphone app to see the animal come “alive” on the screen. I like that this is a complete set that includes the pens. The feel of the velvet material is a little soft, leaving the white areas easy to color.

~ Why Not ~unicorn-2
Those who do not like coloring or unicorns will not appreciate these fun artistic activities, but other animal choices are available such as a horse, dragon, dinosaur, tiger, lion, butterfly, parrot, dolphin, and whale. Others may not like the thinness of the white paper, but the black velvet covering makes it feel supportive. I had trouble accessing the app as it is a large file that requested me deleting other apps on my Android.

~ Wish ~
Since I have a degree in art and plan to give these to a granddaughter to enjoy, I wish there were additional designs of flowers, sea life, buildings, or famous people to color. Having a website online to view your finished work may be easier for those without smartphones.

~ Want ~
If you or someone you know loves unicorns and creating artworks, this set of two velvet posters will make your or their day. Be sure to check out the additional designs offered.

Thanks to New Generation for a discounted sample that I am freely evaluating.

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