Title: Attend
Author: Laura Davis Werezak
Publisher: FaithWords
ISBN: 978-1-4555-4148-5

“We who stretch our faces toward Jesus with attention reflect the bright Image of God to others,” Laura Davis Werezak writes in the introduction of her book, Attend: Forty Soul Stretches Toward God.

~ What ~
This two-hundred-and-forty-page hardbound targets women who want to improve their attentiveness to God. Using mainly the English Standard Version of the Holy Bible, the NIV, NASB, KJV, NRSV, and The Message are also referenced. After an introduction, the book is divided into four parts that contain a total of forty chapters, ending with a conclusion and acknowledgments. The eternal plan of salvation is included.

In this compact book, the author reminds readers that in today’s busy world, we should pay and give more attention to God instead of ourselves. The four sections include returning, resting, quieting, and trusting in Him as we do exercises that will strengthen our relationship with Jesus and those around us. Including forty suggestions that concentrate on our physical posture to God, added are hymns, quotes from the Anglican Book of Common Prayers, Apostle’s Creed, and references to Biblical characters such as Abraham, Ezekial, Paul, Simeon, and Jesus to name a few.

From simple tasks such as making your bed, playing with a child, having a snack, giving a gift,  or making a to-do list to uncommon ideas such as spending ten minutes with an onion, praying with beads, listening for the monastic bell, and saying a creed aloud, the topics cover about three to five pages each, sometimes offering Bible verses.

~ Why ~
Christian women often feel out of touch with God when they multi-task between having children, keeping a home, and working. I like that each subject is short and to the point with a plethora of everyday or unique activities.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like the many references to the writer’s life and memories relating to her C-section, two daughters, husband, knitting, or perfectionism.  Older Christian women may have already experienced these types of exercises and have looked back, witnessing how they already have affected their relationship with Christ. A few readers of other denominational beliefs may not care for the added Anglican prayers.

~ Who ~
Living in New York with her husband, an Anglican minister, and their two young daughters, Werezak has a MCS in Christianity and the Arts.

~ Wish ~
Since I tend to be more Baptist in my belief, I wish there were less concentration on the Anglican Church and the writer’s personal experiences. Having more Bible verses would be more helpful. I think the book works best for young women.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a small book that reminds you to focus on the Almighty God, this may be helpful if you are a young woman looking for forty simple-to-do “soul stretches.”

Thanks to the Hachette Book Group for this complimentary book that I am reviewing freely.

This review will be posted on Amazon with links on, Godinterest, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter.

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