Noah, Noah, What Do You See?

Title: Noah, Noah, What Do You See?
Authors: Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson
Illustrator: Melissa Iwai
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7180-8949-8

“Little child, little child, what do you see? I see Jesus watching over me,” authors Bill Martin Jr. and Michael Sampson write in their children’s book, Noah, Noah, What Do You See?

~ What ~
This unnumbered thirty-page board book with rounded edges targets children three to twelve years old, especially those who like remembering stories from the Bible. With no scary scenes depicted, the book has colorful pictures that are illustrated on every page.

This short rhyming book begins on each left side of the open pages with a question to a character in the Bible, asking what do they see. One by one they answer in a short sentence on the right side of the page, correlating it to the matching story in the Word of God. The verses are also referenced on the bottom left. The ending has all characters learning that Jesus is seeking each of them. People covered include Adam, Noah, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Daniel, Esther, Jonah, Mary, Zacchaeus, Peter, Paul, and a little child.

~ Why ~
This is a fun book for children beginning to be interested in books and reading as it asks a person in the Bible a question and answers with a short rhyme. I like how it always includes the Bible verses correlating to the story. With giving a short answer, the book offers an opening to discuss the complete story from the Bible. Examples of answers given are Esther stating the king is listening to her, Mary watching baby Jesus smiling at her, and Peter seeing miracles all around him.

~ Why Not ~
Since the book is aimed at preschoolers to seventh-graders, it may be too sophomoric for the older children. Beginner readers may have some issue with the harder words. Some may consider it would be best for an adult to read it to those in kindergarten or younger.

~ Who ~
Although Martin did not learn to read until he went to college, the author has sold over a million copies of his books. Sampson is a best-selling writer of over thirty books and lives in New York with his family. No information is provided on the illustrator.

~ Wish ~
Although the book’s pictures are engaging, it would be helpful if there were hidden or small animals, birds, insects, or objects that older ones could search for in the illustrations.

~ Want ~
If your child likes a picture book with questions and answers about Bible characters, this would be a nice choice.

Thanks to the Book Look Bloggers for this book that I am evaluating freely.

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