Best Choice 2-Person Hammock


hammock-1~ What ~
Made of quilted polyester with a cotton filling, this wide hammock for two people can handle weight up to 450 pounds. Coming in a black nylon drawstring bag with shoulder strap, the light blue hammock with small white palm trees measures 120 inches by 55 inches. It has two wooden spreader bars, polyester ropes, and metal O and S rings and chain for linking on to trees or posts. A detachable approximately 10 by 40 by 4-inch solid blue pillow can be buttoned onto the product. Its total weight is 12 pounds including the carry bag. Limited assembly is required when attaching it to trees or poles.

~ Why ~
With this hammock being built for two, there is plenty of room on its 74 by 55-inch bed area for rest and relaxation because the two wooden bars hold the fabric permanently apart so when two people are on it, they do not collapse together in the middle. Another nice feature is the quilted fabric as it is soft and feels durable and should hold up to mold, mildew, and repeated use. Having an attached matching pillow is a plus as it can be removed effortlessly.

~ Why Not ~hammock-2
Some may not like the design of the the palm tree fabric as it offers a beach feel, and a forest or mountain pattern may be desired. Others may wish the bag had a zipper opening instead of a drawstring pull on one end as it does take some time to put the hammock back in the bag.

~ Wish ~
With blue with white trees being the only color option, I wish more color choices and designs were offered. As a sturdy hammock due to its two wood slats across, it is a little bulky for storage, so I wish the beams could be hinged and collapsible.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a wide hammock that fits two people, this is an ideal choice that many will enjoy in their backyard, camping, or outdoors.

Thanks to Best Choice for this sample that I am freely evaluating.

This product can be found at

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2 responses to “Best Choice 2-Person Hammock

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    Thanks Conny I ordered this. Husband thought it was a good deal. Hope we like it.

    • How cool is that, Gail! Hope you like it as much as I do. I liked the buttoned down long pillow but wish it was wider. Looks like a nice hammock. Now you both can read books all day long in it! Enjoy!

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