Made to Shade Rear Car Window Covers

All-Around-the-Window Sun Shade

shade-1~ What ~
Made of an unknown semi-see-through black mesh material, these two large shades slip over the rear windows of a vehicle to block UV rays from entering the inside of the car. Each bag-shaped cover measures 25″ to 45″ in width, and up to 20″ in height so universally fits most automobiles. Unable to use on sliding door-type vehicles, they can be installed in seconds without tools. There are two shades for the rear windows in a car plus a plastic carrying bag. Instructions are included and mention the product can be put in the washing machine for cleaning.

~ Why ~
I like how easy the shades are to use by sliding over the top of the vehicle’s rear doors’ windows and pulling down them down, securing the two bottom edges by Velcro tabs. Another nice feature is that the car’s windows can still be opened or shut, allowing air to circulate inside while blocking 97% of the harmful UV rays and keeping bugs out. Although there was ample excess material, they fit my Lexus IS250.

~ Why Not ~shade-2
Those who do not like blocking their vehicles’ rear windows may not want this product. Others may be concerned that since the screens are placed over the car’s doors, they could get damaged, snagged, or dirty or stolen (however, since the top of the shade covers the door jamb, they cannot be taken off without opening the door). Since they are like a bag, the screens are doubled over so may not be as transparent as expected. The paperwork mentions removing the panels if wet, so they may not work well in rainy climates.

~ Wish ~
With black being the only color option, I wish other colors were available to match the exteriors of vehicles. Shaped like an over-sized bag with an elastic band around the opening, the material feels a little flimsy, so I question how long the shades will last.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for set of two easy-to-use car shades for rear windows, this is an option, but I am unsure they will last a long time.

Thanks to Made 2 Shade for a sample that I am freely evaluating.

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