Best Choice Products Double Sleeping Bag


sleeping-bag2~ What ~
Made of a polyester shell and cotton filling, this double sleeping bag for two people can be altered into two single sleeping areas. With nylon zippers that separate the two pieces, also included are two fluffy light blue pillows and a matching black carrying bag. The black bag with a bluish gray lining can withstand temperatures between 23 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The item is machine washable and can be put in the dryer.

~ Why ~
We have a double air bed for guests that nicely fits a double sleeping bag. I like that this is a perfect fit for the blow-up bed. The best feature is that the top and bottom layers can separate and form two single bags with one about a foot shorter than the other. The outer fabric is soft and slick while the inner padding is comfortable. The bag is sturdy and has several adjustable red straps with plastic buckles for carrying.

~ Why Not ~sleeping-bag1
Some may not like the outside lining as it is slippery like other sleeping bags. Others may want larger sized pillows as these measure only 10 by 15 by 4 inches each. I had trouble putting the bedding back into the sleeping bag, but it was easier when I omitted the pillows and tucked them under the red elastic top straps instead.

~ Wish ~
With black with light blue being the only color option, I wish more color choices were offered.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a sleeping bag that fits two people or can be divided into two separate bags, this would be an excellent purchase.

Thanks to Best Choice for this sample that I am freely evaluating.

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