The First Hostage

The First Hostage: A J. B. Collins NovelTitle: The First Hostage
Author: Joel C. Rosenberg
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
ISBN: 978-1-4964-0619-4

“The president was gone, and the only logical conclusion that could be drawn from the facts at hand was that he was now in the custody of the Islamic State,” J.B. Collins acknowledges in Joel C. Rosenberg’s novel, The First Hostage.

~ What ~
At four-hundred-and-forty-two pages, this paperback targets those that enjoy Christian fictional suspense involving ISIS kidnapping the president of the United States. Using words such as heck and damn, topics of child slavery, abuse, terrorism, murder, and war may not be acceptable for immature readers. The beginning includes a list of characters while the ending has the first chapter of the author’s next book.

Second in the J.B. Collins series and written in first person, New York Times foreign correspondent Collins is caught in the thick of the action when there is an attack on four world leaders meeting in Jordan at the Israeli-Palestinian peace summit. When the president of the United States is kidnapped and held for ransom by the Islamic State, the journalist is accused of espionage, murder, terrorism, and treason. While he survives when everyone else dies around him, he must clear his name without speculatively reporting and help find the president. With the aid of an Israeli spy who he has feelings for, he is also challenged regarding his belief in God.

~ Why ~
Those who like action-packed current day war stories of terrorism in the Middle East involving several countries will enjoy this book. The fast-paced story covers not only several countries in the hotbed of terrorism and ISIS but explains the complicated dynamics of world leaders and how they make their decisions. I liked the first person viewpoint of the protagonist and his creative thinking.

~Why Not ~
Those who do not like graphic violence, chemical weapons, and death will avoid this series. Some may not appreciate the aspect of one’s eternal salvation in believing in God. Others may find the ongoing onslaught that the main character endures unbelievable.

~ Who ~
The best-selling author of eleven fiction and five non-fiction books, Rosenberg has sold more than three million copies. Founder and chairman of the Joshua Fund, he lives in Israel with his family.

~ Wish ~
I wish all pronouns of God were capitalized for reverence.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy geopolitical “bang-bang-shoot-‘em-up” stories of war, terrorism, and a splash of romance in Christian fiction, this series will keep you interested until the last page and wonder what happens next in the journalist’s life.

Rated 4.5 of 5 Stars

Thanks to the Book Club Network, Tyndale House Publishers, and the author for this book that I am freely reviewing.

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