Free Air Electronics Rotating iPad Case


~ What ~
Made of a PU leather exterior and a microfiber lining inside, this 7.6 by 9.8 by 0.8-inch slightly padded case is built to hold a 2nd generation iPad 2. Due to its design, it can rotate the electronic gadget 360 degrees while still being able to adjust the backing so it can stand on its own. When the case is closed, it automatically puts the iPad to sleep; and when opened, the unit is active again. It is available in 13 different color choices. Instructions are included.

~ Why ~
Our son bought us an iPad Mini for Christmas, and we find it tiring to hand-hold it constantly. My son told me it was an iPad 2 so I chose this one online because it appears sturdy and functional while being economical. However, it is too large for my iPad Mini, but I like that I can set my iPadMini on it on our kitchen counter and be hands-free while we FaceTime. Another nice feature is that it can be rotated, and the stand is still functional both horizontally or vertically.

ipad-2~ Why Not ~
Some may not want a stand for their iPad or do not like hands-free electronics. Others may prefer a case that stands out more or has “bling” on it as this one is plain and monochromatic. Be sure you know if you have an iPad or an iPad Mini as this is a large device so does not really hold the smaller iPad version.

~ Wish ~
I wish more information were online such in the Bullets and Product Features section, providing measurements, which iPad it fits, list of color options, cleaning tips, and other pertinent data.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a case for your larger iPad that includes an adjustable stand and rotates, this is a good choice for the low price. Do not buy it if you have an iPad Mini.

I purchased this product for the full amount and was not reimbursed for it. I am evaluating it freely.

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5 responses to “Free Air Electronics Rotating iPad Case

  1. Susan P

    This looks like the kind I have for my regular iPad. I really like it! We now want to get the same kind for our other one.

    • Ha – it’s too big for my iPad Mini (Christmas present). Nice but … I should ship it to you! LOL.

      • Susan P

        It won’t let you ship it back? I know it is so confusing getting covers. You have to know exactly what you are looking for. I know I spend a long time in front of the aisle just making sure I’m looking at the right size for what I need! Kind of frustrating.

  2. Yup, I agree – it would cost $8.54 to ship back (cost me $9.99) so doubt that will work. Will save it for son who has the bigger version. Oh well. Must read EVERYTHING before buying. Thx for your post, Susan!

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