Bronson Antarctic Krill Oil Capsules


krill-oil~ What ~
This bottle of 180 gel capsules contains 500 mg each of Antarctic krill oil along with dosages of Omega-3 DHA and EPA plus Astaxanthin. Used to support heart and brain health, the oval dark red capsules are large, being about a half inch long. Other ingredients are gelatin, glycerin, and purified water. Suggested use is to take two soft gels with the first meal of the day. An expiration date of April 20, 2019, is posted on the bottle.

~ Why ~
One of the best features is that it the product is made in the United States in a GMP approved facility. Since I am a fan of Krill oil, I searched diligently online to find a bottle that was inexpensive yet had a high dosage of the special oil. I notice when taking krill that my brain and memory works more efficiently than when taking only an Omega-3.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like there are only enough pills for three months in the bottle if you want to take 1000 mg of krill a day. Some may find their fishy smell and taste a problem, but I noticed no effects and the scent was limited to the bottle only. If you do not like swallowing gelcaps, these may not be for you.

~ Wish ~
I wish each capsule contained the 1000 mg instead of only 500 as I did not realize this until after purchase.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for krill oil that is made in the United States and a good source of daily Omega-3, this is a viable option.

I purchased this product for the full amount and was not reimbursed for it. I am evaluating it freely.

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