Mami Wata Infuser Pitcher


~ What ~ infusion-1
Made of clear Tritan with lime green accents, this BPA-free pitcher can hold up to two fluid liters if using one of the two infusion inserts for either loose tea or fruits/vegetables. It has a hermetic screw-on lid seal so will not leak and attached handle with a button system pour spout. It comes in a gift box with instructions. A free four-round silicone ice ball mold and 10% discount coupon are included, and an ebook of infused drink recipes is emailed as a PDF attachment after purchase.

~ Why ~
Loving brewed hot or cold tea, I enjoy drinking it fresh. I like how much fluid can be made at one time in this large pitcher. The handle is ergonomic and does not slip out of my hands with a button that opens the pour spout. While the tea insert has a fine mesh strainer, so the leaves do not get into the tea, the larger insert is perfect for fruits or veggies. A plus is it can easily be assembled and is dishwasher safe. The two-section matching green ice ball maker with four small lids did not leak in its stable square base when freezing. I appreciate how easy it was to view the emailed PDF recipe book that included instructions, tips, 10 recipes, and a chart of drink combinations for specific outcomes.

~ Why Not ~infusion-2
Some may not like the time it takes (usually 12 hours or more) to make an infused drink. Others may think the pitcher is too large, but it does fit nicely in the top shelf of a refrigerator. A few may not like the bright lime green accent color.

~ Wish ~
With green being the only color choice, it would be helpful if other accent colors were available to match one’s kitchen décor.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a sturdy, durable, and multi-use pitcher for infusing fruits, brewing tea, or to hold drinks, this is a plus with its included bonuses.

Thanks to Mami Wata for this discounted product that I am evaluating freely.
I found it at

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2 responses to “Mami Wata Infuser Pitcher

  1. I received mine today.. thanks for the informative review, I too like brewed tea 🙂

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