SkyRange Trekking Poles


trekking-1~ What ~
Made of a lightweight carbon fiber with rubber extensions, these two expandable walking sticks are for hiking, climbing, and trekking. With a telescopic design, they expand from 24 to 54 inches via quick flip locks. They have ergonomic cork handles with a support strap. The set comes with two sticks, two each rubber tips and feet, two each snow and mud baskets, a carry bag with shoulder strap and drawstring closure with toggle, and a free bright orange survival bracelet.

~ Why ~
My husband and I walk our dog up to three miles a day, and it helps to have something to keep us steady on hills so we do not trip. With these collapsible sticks, we can walk briskly while keeping our balance, especially on the sand at the beach. I like how the two of the sections to adjust are hidden and have measurements printed on the inner poles, and the stick can be compacted to only two feet. Another great feature is each pole weighs only 7.4 ounces.

~ Why Not ~trekking-2
Some may get frustrated trying to figure out how to open and adjust the length of the stick since no instructions are included. The key is to flip the lock, loosen the screw, and set the inner pole’s length, then screwing and closing the lock in place. Others who are short may think the pole is too tall for them, but they can be compacted to only two feet long, ideal for storing.

~ Wish ~
I wish instructions were included in the bag, so that if giving as a gift, one would know how to expand the poles or attach the accessories.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a pair of trekking poles that can be collapsed or adjusted at different lengths and comes with several tips and baskets as well as a bag and bright orange compass survival bracelet, look no further than this item.

Thanks to SkyRange for this reimbursed product that I am freely evaluating.

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