Lots of Love

Title: Lots of Love
Author: Kim Washburn
Illustrator: Jacqueline East
Publisher: Zonderkidz
ISBN: 978-0-310-75861-7

“God fills my life with blessings.
He loves me through and through.
My heart is overflowing
And I want to show love too,” Kim Washburn writes in her children’s book, Lots of Love.

~ What ~
At eighteen pages, this cut-out board book with a front cover that has shiny red writing and a matching heart targets children ages four to eight years old. With no scary scenes, it is a nice story about a full day of loving others and sharing.

Written with some complicated wording, this short book that has a valentines theme with four lines of rhyming on every page is about a little girl wanting to love and hug others. Bright, colorful, and expressive pictures cover both sides of the pages with the black easy-to-read font written innocuously within the illustration.

In this story, the little girl starts her day wanting to share her love as she feels cheerful. She shows affection to her pet dog, mother, sister, brothers, daddy, friends, teacher, and God. Playing outside or inside, in the classroom or on the playground, and at home or in bed, she declares love makes others happier. When she gives her homemade valentine to her teacher, she comes home empty-handed but tells her family she loves them.

~Why ~
Our three-year-old granddaughter loves a bedtime story when she visits, and this one she can understand although it is for older children. With Valentine’s Day in mind, the illustrator’s depiction of the happy girl interacting with others and making valentines or having heart-shaped cookies are expressive and fun. While a young one is being read out loud the story, there is plenty of action in the artworks.

~ Why Not ~
Advanced readers may find the book sophomoric and childish. I think it targets the three- to six-year-old beginner reader more accurately. Some may not like rhyming stories, but this one flows well.

~ Who ~
Writing for children for the past ten years, Washburn writes both fiction and non-fiction and has won an award. Illustrator East has been creating for several years and illustrates books that have been published around the world.

~ Wish ~
With God only mentioned once, it would be helpful if He was the focal point of love. It would be fun to have the child look for all the added hearts on each page.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a cute book regarding love and Valentine’s Day, this will make a nice gift for a young one for the upcoming holiday.

Thanks to Z-Blog Squad for this complimentary book I am freely evaluating.

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2 responses to “Lots of Love

  1. conniepsaunders

    Sounds like a perfect book for my almost three year old granddaughter. Conny, thanks for the review.

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