The Story: 365 Devotions

The Story DevotionalTitle: The Story: 365 Devotions
Author: Unlisted
Publisher: Zondervan
ISBN: 978-0-310-08475-4

“Find your place in God’s epic story,” the back jacket states in the book, The Story: 365 Devotions.

~ What ~
At four-hundred-pages, this 5-by-7-by 1-inch small paperback targets those who want to read a daily devotional about God weaving His plan throughout the Bible. Using The Story version of the Holy Bible, also referenced are the New International Version and New Living Translation.

In the same order as the Old and New Testaments of the Bible, this daily devotional briefly examines God’s role in Scripture. Each day has a title, written out Bible verse or verses, several paragraphs related to the topic, and ending with a short reminder or prayer. An appendix covering each day’s title, notes, and ads complete the book.

~Why ~
This is a helpful tool for a new believer in Christ who is reading the Bible daily throughout the year as it can correlate to Scripture reading if the Bible is read in sync with it. I like that it is usually in order of the Bible so easy to look up a theme if not reading it daily. There is little reference to the writer’s personal experiences, which I appreciate when reading a devotional.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not have a personal relationship with Christ will not be interested in this book. Others may feel the devotionals are not too deep, do not go into detail, or do not always explain how to apply it to one’s life. With not all books of the Bible included but usually in Biblical order, it may have many pages devoted to one book while skipping others.

~ Who ~
The author’s information is not listed in this book or online.

~ Wish ~
I wish all pronouns of God or Jesus were capitalized for reverence. An attached marker ribbon would be helpful.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a devotional to read along side of daily Bible reading in order, this may be helpful for the new believer in Christ as they discover his or her role in God’s story, but more mature Christians may want something more in depth.

Thanks to the Book Look Bloggers for furnishing this complimentary book that I am freely reviewing.

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