Out of the Frying Pan

Out of the Frying Pan - A cozy little romance ... with murder on the side.Title: Out of the Frying Pan
Authors: Michelle Griep and Kelly Klepfer
Publisher: Bling! Romance
ISBN: 978-1-938499-13-5

“That’s why I came. To keep them out of everyone’s hair during the investigation. They’ve got a bad habit of minding everyone else’s business,” KC makes excuses for her aunts in Michelle Griep and Kelly Klepher’s novel,  Out of the Frying Pan.

~ What ~
At two-hundred-and-seventy-six pages, this paperback targets those who enjoy a light-hearted mystery romance. With the uses of slang words such as heck and darn, its topics of drugs and murder may not be appropriate for immature readers. The New International Version of the Holy Bible is referenced.

After a year dating Brian, KC breaks off an uncommitted relationship and flies to Florida to calm her two aunts who live together in a retirement village where a recent murder has taken place. While the dramatic busy-body Aunt Zula thrives on the local gossip while often overstepping her bounds, sleuthing Aunt Fern is determined to track the killer. When the sisters-in-law meet Detective Jared Flynn, they add matchmaking to their schemes that include their niece. In the end, not only are the loves of the two elderly women questioned, but also hired help, a bitter woman, and drug lords add in the mayhem as KC gets caught up in the fray.

~ Why ~
Writing light comedy can be fun yet challenging, especially by two authors of one book. With the many antics, dramatics, and confrontations of two women who are bound together as a family, the breezy novel considers how the elderly believe, trust, think, and love as they get older. Although there are minimal spiritual discussions, praying to God is shown in a positive manner.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like corny comedic tales of seniors who sneak into homes without permission, act like boy-crazy teens around gentlemen, and jump to wrong conclusions repeatedly may avoid this read. I found it rather unrealistic in describing living in a retirement community and how often the three main characters did things illegally, unconcerned by their actions.

~ Who ~
Both internet bloggers who live in the Heartland of America, the two authors have been friends for over ten years. While Griep is involved in historical fiction and teaching teenagers, Klepher loves spending time with her beagles and grandchildren.

~ Wish ~
I wish there were less choppiness between the scenes where the writers veer off on cutesy tangents that are not part of the story and disrupt the flow of the book. With no village managers mentioned, Jared having recently moved to the town, and the key issue incomplete, and the story was not plausible to me.

~ Want ~
If you like reading a silly book of the shenanigans of two old ladies with wild imaginations craving love and their heart-broken niece realizing what she wants, this may be for you, but it did not connect with me.

Thanks to the Book Club Network for this complimentary book that I am evaluating freely.

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