Look, I’m Reading! Bible Storybook

Read and Share Look, I'm Reading! Bible StorybookTitle: Look, I’m Reading! Bible Storybook
Stories Retold: Gwen Ellis
Illustrator: Steve Smallman
Publisher: Tommy Nelson
ISBN: 978-0-7180-8869-9

“As you’re reading and come to a picture, point to the picture to prompt your children to say the word the picture represents,” the tip for using the book states at the beginning of the children’s book, Look, I’m Reading! Bible Storybook.

~ What ~
Part of the Read and Share series, this one-hundred-ninety-two-page hardbound targets children ages four to eight years old who enjoy stories from the Bible. This collection has over ninety stories based on the International Children’s Bible. With the left side of the page having a title, Bible verse listing, and colorful, full-page illustration, the opposite side has three pictorial designs at the top of the page with a word under each and the story written below.  The short story exchanges three specific words for pictures that correlate to the same drawings above.

Divided into the both of the Bible’s testaments, the two-page stories are separated by the Beginning, Flood, Abraham’s Family, Moses, the Promised Land, Ruth and Naomi, David, God’s People Made Slaves, Esther, and Jonah in the Old Testament and Jesus is Born, John the Baptist, Jesus’s Life, Jesus’s Death and Resurrection, the Holy Spirit Comes, Saul Becomes Paul, Peter, and the Best is Yet to Come. From one to fifteen stories in each section, they are short and to the point, allowing the reader to state the name or object of the picture as it relates to the plot.

~ Why ~
This is a fun, hands-on book of having a young reader anticipate what happens next in the story by looking at the upcoming picture. I like how the words can be read and stopped when a picture is shown, stimulating interactions. The illustrations are colorful while being easy to identify. The stories are simple without a lot of detail so should not confuse a young one who is being read to or learning to read.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not believe in Christ or have a personal relationship with Him will probably avoid this book that contains Bible stories.  Some beginner readers may have trouble reading the book by themselves. Concerns may be regarding some of the Biblical topics, but Moses’s plagues are not depicted or described, Goliath stumbles backward, the big fish spews out Jonah, Jesus’s cross is silhouetted, and He is wrapped up like a mummy.

~ Who ~
No information is offered regarding the writer or illustrator.

~ Wish ~
It would help if some of the complicated wording were easier to understand for the younger listeners. Although the book does not explain the plan of eternal salvation, it states that Christ died and was raised from the dead; I wished it mentioned sin and the shedding of blood (although young ones may not understand these concepts).

~ Want ~
If you are looking for an engaging children’s book that is interactive with words and pictures to follow over ninety Bible stories, this makes an excellent way to learn about iconic Bible stories.

Thanks to Book Look Bloggers for this complimentary book that I am evaluating freely.

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