Sellavie Erasable Monthly Calendar


~ What ~
Made of a glossy laminate on a hard board, this monthly calendar measures 12-by-15 inches and comes with a dry erase black marker and a 60-page 4-by-8-inch memo pad that has a magnetic backing. The board is blocked off in five lines of seven squares that are 2-by-1.5 inches with a faded American flag in its background. With two metal grommets on each top edge, the board can be hung for display on a wall, or the two long magnet strips on its backing can secure it to a metal appliance.

~ Why ~
The best thing about this over-sized calendar is that it is reusable. The numbered date can be written in the small boxes in each square, and the included black pen can write an appointment, meeting, or reminder, only to be easily erased by using the opposite end of the marker and returned to its holder at the top of the board. The calendar also has a section on the bottom for writing notes. Another nice feature is the matching memo pad that has a dozen lines for writing food shopping or to-do lists and includes a wide magnet to tack onto a refrigerator or oven for quick access.

~ Why Not ~­
­­­Some may not care for the size of the board, wishing it was either larger or smaller. Others may not like that it is erasable as they want to keep notes and appointments of the past on printed sheets.

~ Wish ~
I wish one of the two 13-by-1 inch magnet strips on the board were not lined up a little crooked, although it has no impact on providing a secure attachment to metal.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to keep track of monthly appointments while erasing notes with ease, this is the ideal size for an office or home use.

Thanks to Sellavie for a sample that I am freely evaluating.

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