Magique SecondSkin


~ What ~nail-skin-1
Containing Water, Rubber Latex, Acrylates Copolymer, Polyacrylic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Silica, Phenoxyethanol, and Dyes, this 5-fluid ounce bottle is to keep nail polish off skin or nails purposely. The easy-to-pull-off opaque pink latex goes on with a brush, dries quickly, and has a mild odor. Two wooden sticks and instructions for applying are included.

~ Why ~
I love using sparkly tape on my the big toes only of polished toenails, but now that I am older, it is hard to apply nail polish without it getting on my skin or around my cuticles due to my poor vision or an unsteady hand. I like how quickly this formula dries and easy it is to remove. By following the directions of brushing the pink latex on the skin or areas, applying nail polish, and removing the rubbery film, it leaves your nail beds cleaner. It would work well for those who decorate their nails in two or more color options per nail as it could define a crisp line. Another plus is it is made in America.

~ Why Not ~nail-skin-2
Those who do not use polish on their nails will avoid this product. Anyone allergic to latex should not use it. Due to my age, my eyes and hands are not as controllable as when I was younger, so I found I did smudge the polish more when taking the tape off as it sometimes pulled the wet polish onto my skin.

~ Wish ~
I wish the latex were a little thicker as it is somewhat thin, so when applying it started to lift when I moved around. By shaking the bottle more and using it more, the fluid may thicken. Perhaps applying a second coat of it would have helped.

~ Want ~nail-skin-3
If you are looking for a quick drying, low odor product that helps keep nail polish on the nail and not on your skin, this is a viable option. I think it could be useful for other applications when wanting to make sure paint does not get on skin or other objects.

Thanks to Magique for this sample that I am freely evaluating.

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