Christmas Trivetrunner


trivet-1~ What ~
Made of insulated natural polymer with polyester and a Christmas design, this long table runner is also a trivet that can hold hot or cold pots or pans up to 300 degrees Farenheight. It measures 11.81 inches wide and 39.37 inches long. With white snowflakes, trees, and reindeer in the middle section against a red background, both ends include Christmas bells with ribbon. Instructions are included in its cellophane bag.

~ Why ~
I like that this compact table runner serves dual purposes as it protects a table, countertop, or glass surface from extreme hot or cold yet looks decorative for the holiday season. It can be set on a formal table for a special dinner or used daily on a kitchen table during December. Its best feature is that it is almost a foot wide and over three feet long so several hot dishes can be placed directly on it without harming the surface underneath. It is easy to clean and can be rolled up and stored when not in use.

~ Why Not ~trivet-2
Some may not like the red with white designs as they may decorate with other colors during the holiday season. Others may prefer using metal or ceramic trivets instead, but this mat is flat so items cannot rock or tip when placing or moving onto the mat.

~ Wish ~
With only red with white Christmas designs is offered for the holiday, it would be thoughtful if green or even blue were also included for those who like to match their table decorations with a room’s décor.

~ Want ~
If you are looking a way to nicely decorate your Christmas table and protect it at the same time from hot dishes or cold platters, this is an excellent choice. I bought it for our son and his wife as a present for Christmas decorating.

I purchased this product for the full amount and was reimbursed by Anna Stay from I freely evaluated it.

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2 responses to “Christmas Trivetrunner

  1. Gail Hollingsworth

    Very pretty!

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