The Food Safety Book

The Food Safety Book: What You Don't Know Could Kill YouTitle: The Food Safety Book: What You Don’t Know Could Kill You
Authors: Joe Kivett and Dr. Mark Tamplin
Publisher: Constant Rose Publishers
ISBN: 978-0-979174100

“We feel that The Food Safety Book offers consumers a simple, one-stop reference for basic issues regarding food safety,” Joe Kivett and Dr. Mark Tamplin with Dr. Gerald J. Kivett write in the introduction of their book.

~ What ~
At two-hundred-thirty-eight pages, this paperback targets those who want to learn more about safety, quality, and longevity in the foods we eat. After an introduction and four basic concepts of food safety, the book is divided into ten parts, ending with helpful tips, an afterword, index, references, additional resources, and the authors’ biographies.

The first section discusses tips on purchasing food, followed by a forty-one page “A to Z” guide to fresh fruits and vegetables. Part three and four involve storing food and longevity charts. While the next three chapters cover safety in the kitchen, preparing food, and safe cooking practices, next discussed are topics on holiday, outdoor, and traveling involving food. The final chapter is about foodborne illnesses.

~ Why ~
It is highly important to know what foods are safe to eat when they are sold, prepared, or stored. I like how the book covers a myriad of food choices and how to select, cook, freeze, or store them. From mentioning how to handle the product to avoid a foodborne illness, also explained are transporting and storing food so it remains fresh. The charts review selection, storage location and length, and availability as well as sometimes including tips and ripening. A helpful section is the longevity charts comparing an item being unopened or opened on a shelf and in a refrigerator or freezer.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not care about what they eat or using precautions when handling food will avoid this book. Some may be too busy or be preoccupied with other things to look up shelf life or preparation tips when handling foods and forget this reference book.

~ Who ~
Founder of a production company, Kivett worked for Walt Disney Entertainment and lives in Florida with his family. Residing in the United States and Australia, Dr. Tamplin has a Ph.D. in medical sciences and worked as a university professor, adjunct researcher, and advisor for thirty years internationally. Serving in the United States Navy for twenty-four years, Dr. Kivett is a family practice doctor in Florida.

~ Wish ~
I wish this book could be turned into a pocket guide that could be kept on a kitchen counter for quick reference.

~ Want ~
For those who are interested in buying, preparing, and storing food safely, this makes an excellent resource book, especially as a gift for those that like to cook or be around food.

Thanks to Bookpleasures and the author for this book that I freely evaluated.

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