Fractured Memory

Fractured Memory (Love Inspired Suspense)Title: Fractured Memory
Author: Jordyn Redwood
Publisher: Harlequin
ISBN: 978-0-373-44757-2

“She didn’t want this to be her life­ – to be forced to run when she finally found some measure of peace and purpose again,” Julia Galloway’s mindset dictates in Jordyn Redwood’s novel, Fractured Memory.

~ What ~
Part of the Love Inspired Suspense series by Harlequin, this two-hundred-twenty-four-page paperback targets those interested in a Christian romantic suspense novel involving a serial rapist and the medical field. The topics of attempted murder and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. The book includes acknowledgments and the author’s biography.

In this story set in current-day Aurora, Colorado, twenty-nine-year-old pediatric nurse Julia Galloway has been dealing with amnesia for the last two years after being almost killed by the Hangman. Although US Marshal Eli Cayne has been keeping tabs on her since the horrific event, he fears the worst when another woman is found dead in the same manner and a fingerprint shows the murderer could not be the one sent to prison and on death row.

As Julia ardently wishes her memory could return to help catch the serial killer, she develops feeling for the man who guardedly watches over her. When multiple threats and attacks on Julia’s life occur, the two who are afraid to show their true feelings toward each other have to focus on who is involved in trying to kill her.

~ Why ~
This book is a fast read that races from one scene to another, searching for answers medically and forensically before the killer tries to strike again. The growing romance between the two protagonists is believable and touching. With no eternal plan of salvation mentioned, the tale shows how trusting in God and prayer gets us through the worst times in our lives.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like a lot of medical jargon will pass on the book’s references and explanations. Others may not like reading murder mysteries that involve a serial killer. Although there are twists to the plot, the culprit is predictable from the beginning.

~ Who ~
A critical care and emergency nurse for almost twenty years, Redwood is also a blogger dedicated to helping authors write medically accurate fiction. She lives with her husband and family in Colorado.

~ Wish ~
I wish some of the characters were not stereotypical as it gave away the ending.

~ Want ~
If you want a fast read of murder, mayhem, and romance, this one based in Colorado involving a nurse, United States marshal, and serial killer may be for you.

Thanks to the Book Club Network and the author for this complimentary book that I am freely evaluating.

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