Best Choice Products Lighted Cherry Tree

christmas-lighted-tree-16 FOOT ARTIFICIAL CHERRY TREE

~ What ~
Made of plastic, steel, and rubber, this decorative tree stands six feet tall in its stand with bendable branches that have 280 clear rubber cherry flowers on them. The product measures 72 inches tall and 30 inches in circumference, weighing 3.8 pounds. Arriving in three main pieces, minor assembly is required without tools, and instructions are included. It runs off of a 120volt electrical connection.

~ Why ~
When I decorate for Christmas, I love using white lights. Having this all-white light tree is the perfect addition in the Pacific Northwest. I like how the four one-inch wide five-petal cherry flowers run along the length of each black taped branch that can be molded into the position desired. I also appreciate that it can be used indoors or outdoors. It is easy to set up by placing the tree section into a pole that rests in a four-leg metal stand and comes with a sixteen-foot power cord. The petals make it unique and different than the standard lighted artificial trees.

~ Why Not ~christmas-lighted-tree-2
Some may not like that this tree states online in the details it is 60 inches (five feet tall), but it is  actually 72 inches tall (however, by not using the pole and placing the tree section directly into the stand, it is under five feet in height). Others may think the branches are too spindly or that the rubber petals might fall off with repeated use, but included are five extra rubber petal sets.

~ Wish ~
With the website mentioning it is five feet tall, it should be corrected for the discerning buyer who wants a six-foot tree.

~ Want ~
If you are looking a unique flowery tree with lights engulfed in cherry blossom petals on black branches and its trunk for holiday or special event decorating, this will brighten and add a special look to a room, display, or outdoors.

Thanks to Best Choice Products for this sample that I am freely evaluating.

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