My Pocket Coloring Book: Mandalas Coloring

pocket-mandalasTitle: My Pocket Coloring Book: Mandalas Coloring
Author: Shira Kidron
Publisher: Shira Kidron
ISBN:  978-965-92531-4-2

“Especially designed to fit into your bag, this book will take you on a mandala coloring journey, drawing intuitively from one unknown point to another,” states the back cover of Shira Kidron’s book, My Pocket Coloring Book: Mandalas Coloring.

~ What ~
First in the My Pocket Coloring Book series, this seventy-four-page five-by-eight-inch spiral bound book is for those who like to doodle, draw, and fill in drawn pictures relating to mandalas. With an owner’s page, introduction, and final page of the author’s biography and advertising, both sides of the remaining pages have black and white designs to color. A bleached off-white burlap bag with the book’s logo and a corded drawstring complete the package.

With mainly mandalas depicted, they are displayed singularly or in rows, sometimes with headers, footers, or frames within the illustrations. Also included are flowers, petals, leaves, and butterflies that are incorporated into the images.

~ Why ~
As an artist, I find inner solace and tranquility whenever I design or create. I like how the hand-drawn illustrations are fanciful yet detailed enough to get lost in artistic abandon. With the book having a metal spiral, the pages lay flat, making it easy to access the complete drawings. A thick cardboard backing offers plenty of support if coloring on your lap. Crayons, gel pens, colored pencils, and watercolors can be used. I love that the durable canvas bag is roomy enough to carry the book along with a small pack of pens or pencils.

~ Why Not ~
Those who feel restricted or overwhelmed coloring a page should try it to see how they are in control of the outcome, with no rules to follow except for staying within the lines. Some may not like that some coloring tools such as paint and gel pens may bleed through to the back side’s illustrations. Others may find some drawings are too detailed with small sections to be filled in individually. A few pages stick at the spiral and have to be gently separated.

~ Who ~
Having left a high-tech career to be a mother of three girls, Kidron has created several coloring books to calm and connect with one’s inner soul. The author of coloring-on-the-go pocket coloring books, she is dedicated to using art as therapy.

~ Wish ~
Wanting to use the finished pages to frame under glass, I wish the pages were one-sided to ensure no bleeding. Enclosing pencils would be a thoughtful touch.

~ Want ~
If you like an adult coloring book that can be carried with you in a small canvas tote, this may inspire your creativity as it produces calmness and serenity while completing. It would make a thoughtful gift for those who like to color.

Thanks to the author for this complimentary book that I am freely evaluating.

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3 responses to “My Pocket Coloring Book: Mandalas Coloring

  1. Very nice! I guess the pencils can go in the bag?

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