Braviloni Popcorn Bowl


~ What ~
Made of a lime green silicone, this two-piece set is for making 14 cups of popcorn in the microwave in less than 4 minutes. Measuring only 2.4 inches tall and 4.5 inches diameter, it expands to 5.7 inches tall and 7.5 inches wide. Both the lid and bowl are BPA free and FDA approved. It comes in a brown box with no instructions. Both pieces are dishwasher safe.

~ Why ~
I love popcorn but cannot ingest the packaged type with the butter and salt so make my own. I like how this system is easy to use by adding the kernels to the base of the bowl (even without oil) and setting it in the microwave with its lid securely placed on it. By trial and error, I noted the bowl has to be physically enlarged before putting in the microwave. It is easy to collapse when not in use. The popcorn had no funny taste or smell due to the product.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not care for popcorn as its kernels can get in the teeth and cause havoc. Others may only like the prepackaged microwave type with all the additives. Since no instructions were included, I learned the hard way when putting kernels in the bowl before it was expanded and sticking it in the microwave (see the photo of popped corn). The bowl is hot to the touch when removing from the microwave so be careful.

~ Wish ~
I wish instructions were included in or on the outside of the box because if given as a gift, one may not realize the bowl should be expanded before adding kernels and microwaving. The bowl is a little flimsy to pass around, so I wish it were a little sturdier.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a way to microwave your popcorn without using brown lunch bags, this is a viable option; but do not add kernels to the bowl when it is collapsed. If instructions were added, it would be rated higher.

Thanks to Braviloni for a discounted sample that I am freely evaluating.

I found this product at:

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