Natural Feelings Floral Scarf

flora-scarf~ What ~
Made of 100% Polyester, this oblong scarf with a floral pattern and wide stripes is available in one color that includes black, gray, pink, and cream. It measures 71 by 39 inches and has midnight blue and pink tassels on both ends. It is recommended to be hand washed before first using and washed separately in cold water and air dried or dry cleaned. Cleaning instructions are included on an attached tag. It comes in a classy black folded packet inside a plastic bag.

~ Why ~
I used to make and sell hand-dyed silk scarves as I wore them often. I like that this one is has the dark blue background with white flowers in the middle section which normally wraps around the neck area and then the pink, cream, gray, and black stripes that hang down with the tassels. Due to its softness and sheerness, it can easily be tied with the ample amount of material.

~ Why Not ~
Some may not like that it only is available in one color or that it is so big, but it can be folded without being bulky. If  you do not like wrapping large scarves around your neck, this could also be wrapped around the waist area as a bathing suit cover-up or over a dark blue skirt.

~ Wish ~
With this pattern being the only color option, I wish more colors were available.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a sheer, attractive scarf to compliment your wardrobe, this is would be an excellent choice that can be worn many ways or given as a special gift.

Thanks to Natural Feelings for this discounted sample that I am freely evaluating.

I found it on Amazon at

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