Mercy at Midnight

Mercy at MidnightTitle: Mercy at Midnight
Author: Silvia Bambola
Publisher: Heritage Publishing House
ISBN: 978-0-989970754

“Was she doomed to have nightmares the rest of her life? Or was there really mercy at midnight?” Cynthia ponders in Sylvia Bambola’s novel, Mercy at Midnight.

~ What ~
This four-hundred-eight-page paperback targets those who enjoy Christian contemporary suspense. With no profanity, topics of drug use, physical abuse, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. The King James Version of the Holy Bible is referenced.

In this current day story set in a small town that has an affluent section and an avoided skid row, thirty-year old Cynthia Wells decides to go undercover as a journalist seeking why some people fall through the cracks and become homeless, jobless, and sometimes drug addicts. Pretending to have nothing, she takes a menial job at the Beacon Mission, recently reopened by a sincere, good-looking pastor named Jonathan Holms.

As Cynthia tries to research why there have been three deaths recently in the poverty-stricken area, she fights her past demons, meets a redeemed junkie, angelic cook, compassionate day care worker, and struggling young gang member while questioning the pastor’s beliefs. When several torn lives intersect and danger abounds, all must make a decision when they call on the Almighty for help.

~ Why ~
This book forces the reader to consider the homeless, jobless, and drug users who are at the end of their ropes and find God as the only answer. I like how the author made all her characters to have imperfections that only Christ can forgive. Many will like the romantic interactions between Cynthia and Jonathan.

~ Why Not ~
Those who do not like books that explain gangs and different names for cocaine and heroine may avoid this book. Others may be disappointed that the ending seems rushed and spiritual aspect does not come to a final conclusion for all the characters, but perhaps there will be a sequel. Some may get frustrated with the punctuation errors that slow the reading process down.

~ Who ~
Having written eight novels, the award-winning author who has two adult children lives in Florida where she teaches women’s Bible studies and loves gardening and playing the guitar.

~ Wish ~
Having read several novels by the author, I was surprised again with the punctuation errors that experienced writers usually do not make. I wish the book were professionally edited as it is frustrating for an avid reader to try to figure out what it means when there are misplaced commas.

~ Want ~
If you enjoy a novel that shows God’s mercy and redemption with two opposite lives, this is a good read if you ignore the writing errors.

Thanks to the Book Club Network for this complimentary book that I am reviewing on my free will.

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