Jesus Invites Me

Jesus Invites Me: Knowing My God seriesTitle: Jesus Invites Me
Author: Callie Grant
Illustrator: Missi Jay
Publisher: Graham Blanchard Inc.
ISBN: 978-0-9854090-1-2

“When do you feel tired? What does the word gentle mean? How can you learn from Jesus?” Callie Grant asks at the end of her illustrated children’s book, Jesus Invites Me.

~ What ~
Part of the Knowing My God series, this unnumbered eighteen-page board-book targets children zero to eight years old. With no scary scenes, it is a book promoting that Jesus invites us into a relationship with Him. Using the New International Version of Matthew 11:28-30, it breaks several of the verses’ words down page by page.

With photographs on the left side of the pages mainly depicting young children, the right sides have white words against colorful backgrounds with simplistic drawings. Part of the verses are on the top of the pages with paragraphs at the bottom, engaging the listener about how Jesus welcomes us, guides our lives, is the Comforter inside us, and never loses us. The ending has a page for adults and three “what do you think” questions.

~ Why ~
The book reminds us that Jesus is the One who can free us from being weary and burdened and reiterates how we can learn how He is gentle and humble as we find rest in Him. I like that the words are soothing, explaining what a yoke is and correlating a kite needs a string for guidance..

~ Why Not ~
Although infants will not be able to understand the pictures or words fully, bonding is established when an adult reads to the child. Toddlers will enjoy looking at the images with minor comprehension, but the older children may think a board book is too childish for them. Some may question the photographs of why a child is alone in a forest and a girl falls asleep while reading.

~ Who ~
Author and founder of Graham Blanchard, Grant has released over a dozen titles that promote a love of learning about God at an early age. Living in Texas, the writer/editor has a passion for educational publishing and children’s books. Illustrator Jay has designed several children’s books, won awards, and lives in Texas also. The photographs are copyrighted from iStockphoto.

~ Wish ~
I like the idea of Bible verses being read as part of the book, but I wish each page had less writing for toddlers as it may be beyond their comprehension level. From a Biblical standpoint, I disagree with the probably unintentionally suggested concept that Jesus could lose you (if you do not accept His invitation) as He is always in control and knows who are His.

~ Want ~
If you are looking for a Biblical photograph board book of children and an animal that includes Jesus inviting Him to guide readers’ lives, this is a viable option.

Thanks to the author and the Book Club Network for furnishing this complimentary book to read and review.

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